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Paranormal Xperiment is a community dedicated to investigating, collecting and sharing information on paranormal activities with help from paranormal investigation teams from around the world. We educate people on how to conduct their own paranormal experiments to satisfy their own curiosity, and we help people wanting to take their interest in the paranormal to the next level.  

Please feel free to share your pictures and videos, as well as participate in our forums.  We know that there will be debates, which we highly encourage as part of the investigation process.  All we ask is that you are courteous and do not use foul or insulting language.  


  • Salem, Massachusetts is the home of the famous Salem Witch Trials and the setting for the classic work of literature The Crucible. In the late 1600s, hysteria swept this sleepy New England town and resulted in the deaths of many accused “witches.” The judges and witnesses involved in these trials have all died mysterious deaths, and the ghosts of all that were involved are said to haunt nearly every place in Salem. The hangings of the “witches” have left an eerie stain on American history…

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  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a site where rivers of blood flowed during the Civil War. More soldiers died at the battle of Gettysburg in three days than in the entire Vietnam War. In just twenty-four hours of actual fighting, fifty-one thousand men were killed – one man dead every two seconds. Many men didn't even get a funeral and simply rotted on the field where they fell. 

    This makes Gettysburg the home to some very angry spirits. At the Gettysburg and Northern Railroad engine…

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  • The city of Savannah, Georgia, is literally built on its dead. After a series of fires, Civil War battles, famine and plague, there wasn't any more room for graves – so Savannah's founders chose to simply build on top of where the dead lay buried. This fact alone makes it a prime target for some very prolific hauntings. It was founded by a man named James Oglethorpe, a freemason who designed the city using the “sacred geometry” well known within this secret society.


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